Thabit Sabbah

Thabit Sulaiman Sabbah, PhD.

Assistant Professor, Computer Science

Faculty Member, Collage of Technology and Applied Sciences

Al Quds Open University 



          Achieved his BSc in Computer Science in 1998 from Al Quds University. After his graduation he worked as School Teacher at the Palestinian Ministry of Education. Then he joint Al-Quds Open University (QOU) to work as the Registration Section Chief Division. In 2009, he obtained his Master Degree in Computer Science from Al Quds University, while he was working in full time job as The Admission & Registration Project Manager and as a part-time Academic Tutor at QOU. The Master’s Thesis titled by "Using Thesaurus as a Schema Matching Approach at the Element Level" was the first output of his interests with Knowledge, Information Management and Information Retrieval (IR). Later, in 2012, he started his job as a full time Academic tutor and Faculty Member at QOU. Recently, in December 2015 he completed his PhD degree in Computer Science with a record of about 15 publications from the Faculty of Computing at  Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) achieving the Best Student Award and the Alumni Award.
         My interests are mainly focused on Text Mining, Text Classification, Information Retrieval, and Machine Learning. However, I have built a solid knowledge and experience in many related fields such as Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation and Management, Software Engineering, Performance, Data Mining, Sentiment Analysis, Databases, Information Systems, etc.  
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